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Hi 👋, my name’s Zach. I’m the US Content Director at Money20/20 by day and the Host of Fintech Family Hour by night and (and often night).

I’m constantly striving to learn about this convoluted industry we love to nerd out about. That’s why I started this podcast a few years ago when I was at a small but mighty community bank in Kansas City called nbkc.

The goal is to make fintech fun and a bit more approachable. So, fair warning, the emails you’ll be receiving are likely to contain rants, sarcasm, and maybe even occasionally some wit.

See, the headline ☝️, when I referred to the podcast as having “groundbreaking fintech conversation”…a joke. We do a lot, but I’m not sure if any ground has been broken at this point.

Sometimes the jokes sucks, sometimes the takes sucks, sometimes I ask terrible questions. But, dangit, we have a good time!

There are tens of thousands of creators on Substack alone - don’t even get me started on OnlyFans - so it’s a true honor that you clicked that button to even learn more about FFH. So, thank you 🧡

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Zach Anderson Pettet

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