Apr 15 • 1HR 26M

A Verifiable Future: Omar ElNaggar (Weavechain) & Eric Jorgenson (Author, Investor, Smart Friend in Chief)

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Zach Anderson Pettet
Fintech Family Hour is hosted by Zach Anderson Pettet who also works as Director of Content for Money20/20 USA. FFH isn’t the average business podcast. It’s like if Johnny Carson, Oprah, and Mike Bloomberg fell in love and made a fintech media property entertainment baby. We nerd out and we have fun doing it! Fintech Family Hour is brought to you exclusively by FS Vector

This is a special episode that was initially recorded for Smart Friends with Eric Jorgenson. The conversation covered enough financial topics that it felt irresponsible not to share it here as well. Simply irresponsible. Thanks, Eric! Check out Smart Friends.

Omar ElNaggar is a hedge fund quant and data nerd. He is the founder and CEO of Weavechain. Weavechain is a platform that gives enterprise data new web3 superpowers. The concepts discussed here-in could put an end to fraud as we know it today.

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(4:21) - Introducing Omar & Zach (nerds)

(5:30) - Why will Web3 data take 100% of the market?

(7:22) - What are data flows?

(14:40) - Does the whole world need to be on Web3 to execute your vision?

(18:02) - Is there a gamification to this whole approach?

(25:05) - Are you seeing finance being the first industry to adopt Web3 Data flows?

(34:29) - CryptoPoops.com (Finest shit on the internet)

(36:02) - Being able to verify truth at any point

(44:59) - The history of HTTPS

(47:41) - The SVB crisis, wire transfers & chainalysis

(50:09) - Can we implement something like Weavechain without replacing the skeleton of the current financial system?

(1:01:15) - Distribution in Web3/Crypto & how Weavechain works in pharma and insurance

(1:14:49) - Decentralized Science

(1:17:35) - What is the 50-year vision for Weavechain?

(1:25:42) - Who are the best people for you to talk to regarding Weavechain?