Fintech Family Hour
Fintech Family Hour
Eli Wachs, CEO at Footprint

Eli Wachs, CEO at Footprint

Welcome back! This episode we’re stoked to have on Eli Wachs, Co-founder of Footprint, providing frictionless identity verification and PII vaulting. We talk about Eli’s love for writing, trying to read history that doesn’t make us cry, how he met his co-founder, building Footprint, and fighting fraud.

We also go into the fun stuff like Eli’s experiences doing stand-up, opening for Sam Morril, the radical honesty of comedy, and how it makes us better people. Jump in!

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Sam Morril’s latest comedy special: Positive Influence

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(1:59) - Eli’s background (we love Philly!)

(14:33) - Life at Stanford and the Big Tech shift

(19:37) - Building Footprint: Meeting the Co-founder

(24:30) - Eli’s investor updates

(30:20) - Navan Ad read

(31:50) - The Footprint business model, fighting fraud, privacy, and dealing with becoming a behemoth of data 

(42:05) - How is the competitive landscape of your industry developing?

(49:07) - Where is the true growth potential for Footprint?

(52:04) - Eli’s illustrious Stand-up comedy career and its impact on his business career

(1:04:46) - What can we do to help Footprint?

Fintech Family Hour
Fintech Family Hour
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