Fintech Family Hour
Fintech Family Hour
Andrew Endicott, Gilgamesh Ventures

Andrew Endicott, Gilgamesh Ventures

¡Bienvenido de nuevo! I mean, welcome back! This episode we are excited to bring you Andrew Endicott, Co-Founder and General Partner at Gilgamesh. Gilgamesh is an early-stage fintech venture capital fund that invests across the Americas, that’s right: THE. Americas. He’s also the Co-Founder at Petal, which was created to help more people access and build credit using data from their personal banking history.

Andrew and I discuss his early career moving from Arkansas to Harvard Law and ultimately working in New York as a lawyer before his jump into Fintech. Then, we try to imagine how heavy the trillion-dollar coin will be, and we break down cashflow underwriting, FICO, and The FED.

Finally, we take the conversation south of the border to discuss the emerging Latin American Fintech Market, and Andrew dishes on how this market is evolving and why Gilgamesh is paying very close attention. Enjoy!

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(1:04) - Growing up in the South, going to Harvard Law, and practicing in New York.

(13:26) - How the concept of money changes as you spend time in finance and fintech.

(22:13) – How Petal came to be.

(29:34) - Cash flow underwriting, FICO, and how Petal works.

(47:30) - Neuro-ID Ad read.

(49:24) - Building Gilgamesh

(1:00:00) - The emergence of Latin America, The FED, and Fintech as a net-positive

(1:10:43) - Misconceptions about the Latin American market.

(1:16:13) - Do you feel lonely south of the border given the economic environment?

(1:24:43) - How can founders get involved with you?

Fintech Family Hour
Fintech Family Hour
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