Fintech Family Hour
Fintech Family Hour
Kristen Anderson, CEO at Catch

Kristen Anderson, CEO at Catch

Happy Valentine’s Day LOVERS! Kristen Anderson is the only guest we’d allow to go live on this day of adoration, and she didn’t disappoint. We cover Kristen’s past lives as a cog in the tech machine, Tech layoffs, and the philosophy behind building early stage startups.

“But Zach! Why aren’t you talking about Fintech??”

Because that’s what you think about 24/7, Kristen and I decided to discuss money movement, pregnancy brain, scary movies….Okay, we DO talk about Fintech, check the show notes below!

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(2:42) - Thoughts on the negative aspects of the Tech World.

(12:37) - Kristen’s career, becoming friends with Zach, and ChatGPT

(21:45) - Obsessing over Inputs

(23:04) - Building Catch & discussing early stage startups

(41:17) - Navan Ad Read

(42:47) - Tech Layoffs & more on building Catch

(51:52) - Company building before Product Building

(1:06:05) - Money movement, pregnancy, and scary movies

(1:11:27) - Fintech!

Fintech Family Hour
Fintech Family Hour
Fintech Family Hour is hosted by Zach Anderson Pettet who also works as Director of Content for Money20/20 USA. FFH isn’t the average business podcast. It’s like if Johnny Carson, Oprah, and Mike Bloomberg fell in love and made a fintech media property entertainment baby. We nerd out and we have fun doing it!
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