Fintech Family Hour
Fintech Family Hour
Rishi Khanna, CEO at Stocktwits

Rishi Khanna, CEO at Stocktwits

We're back, folks! On this episode we welcome Rishi Khanna, CEO of Stocktwits, to discuss how the company came to be, his experience as CEO, and the challenges within maintaining Stocktwits' unique brand and voice through hypergrowth. Rishi also dishes on the Hedge Fund world, how New York City shaped him into the man he is today. Enjoy!

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(3:15) - Rishi’s upbringing and career

(7:03) - How has the culture of NYC shaped you?

(10:31) - What did you think you wanted to be when you grew up?

(19:19) - The importance of having a passion for what you do

(24:30) - The Hedge Fund industry is qualitative!

(30:28) - Neuro-ID Ad Read

(31:37) - The StockTwits story

(40:01) - What can I do on Stocktwits?

(45:14) - How do you maintain your unique brand and voice as you grow?

(49:05) - How do you carry yourself as a leader?

(52:18) - Could Stocktwits ever work with Crypto?

(57:16) - What can the audience do for you?

Fintech Family Hour
Fintech Family Hour
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