Fintech Family Hour
Fintech Family Hour
Lee Taylor, OnlyFans

Lee Taylor, OnlyFans

Welcome back! On this episode we welcome Lee Taylor, CFO of OnlyFans, to discuss how the company has VASTLY improved relationships with financial institutions and its goal of becoming the world’s safest social media platform. 

We cover why OnlyFans prioritizes safety, influencers vs. creators, content moderation policies, and some fun stuff like Lee’s wicked martial arts resume and some parenting talk. Enjoy!

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(1:18) - Lee & Zach reflect on their first meeting

(3:37) - Do you think being on stage at Money 20/20 contributed to the improved relationships OF has with financial institutions?

(10:41) - Influencers vs. Creators

(14:43) - Lee’s upbringing, career, parenting, and martial arts pursuits

(26:15) - Prioritizing safety on OnlyFans

(27:56) - Lee on the entire OF team being emotionally invested in the product

(29:40) - Neuro-ID Ad read

(30:50) - Unpacking being “The safest social media platform”

(38:54) - Was Adult Content the focus or a natural use case in the company’s early days?

(44:45) - OF’s KYC process & content moderation

(53:57) - What are the perceived risks that banks and financial institutions see in partnering with OnlyFans?

Fintech Family Hour
Fintech Family Hour
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