Fintech Family Hour
Fintech Family Hour
Michael Sindicich, TripActions Liquid

Michael Sindicich, TripActions Liquid

Happy New Year! With the first episode of 2023, we welcome Michael Sindicich, EVP of TripActions Liquid to discuss how the organization has grown from a start up to a major incumbent in our budding universe of Fintech. 

We cover the nitty gritty of how the product was developed, and how the org was able to maintain it’s startup-like culture despite being over 3,000 team members. We dive into the story of TripActions incorporating Liquid into their product, and then wrap up with the fun stuff like Michael’s story of learning to fly planes during the pandemic. Enjoy!

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(0:04) - Introduction

(1:57) - Michael’s upbringing and early career

(7:22) - Are there overlaps in your life studying science that carried over into sales?

(9:27) - What was the culture like early on in the company’s life and how was the product built?

(13:20) - How did you identify your now-fianceé was going to be the company’s Internal Champion?

(15:25) - Was it a deliberate approach to use a usage-based model for charging customers?

(17:20) - What happened between TripActions being founded and Liquid being incorporated into the product?

(19:23) - Are there people trying to bite your ankles from the startup end or are your competitors the incumbents?

(21:20) - Incorporating Liquid

(26:23) - Breaking down the mechanics of issuance

(27:40) - What’s the fundraising journey been like?

(32:02) - Neuro-ID Ad read

(33:14) - What was your mindset during the pandemic and why did you get so aggressive at a time when everyone was panicking?

(39:53) - How have you been able to maintain a startup culture despite this massive growth?

(43:16) - Do you have any crazy customer stories?

(44:19) - How do you develop the mental model that fintech solutions should come from outside the industry?

(47:44) - What do you do with your life outside work?

(53:20) - What can our audience do to help you?

Fintech Family Hour
Fintech Family Hour
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