Sitemap - 2023 - Fintech Family Hour

Episode #100 and a Personal Invite to Fraud Nerds


Ep. 94: Zach Perret, CEO at Plaid

Ep. 93: Eli "Hard Stop" Wachs on Haberdasheries, Vaulting, and Happiness

Ep. 92: Alex "Fast Lane" Johnson on Warm Fuzzies, Minivan Flexin', and Some Fintech Stuff

Responding in a (Banking) Crisis with Modern Treasury

B2B E-Commerce: Balance CEO, Bar Geron

Adam Nash: Nasa, Wealthfront, Daffy & Life in Silicon Valley

Vinod Khosla, New Brand, and New Sponsor...

🗽 New Podcast: New York Fintech Week Special with Jon Zanoff, Founder of Empire Fintech

🚨 New Episode & Money20/20 '23 Story Unveiled

A Verifiable Future: Omar ElNaggar (Weavechain) & Eric Jorgenson (Author, Investor, Smart Friend in Chief)

Evergreen Policy Lessons with John Pitts (Plaid) & Kaitlin Asrow (NYDFS) LIVE at Money20/20

The Everything Expert

Evergreen Policy Lessons: John Pitts @ Plaid & Kaitlin Asrow @ NYDFS, LIVE from Money20/20

🚨 SVB Not An Emergency Pod is LIVE!

SVB Not An Emergency Pod: Kristen Anderson & Alex Johnson

🚨 BREAKING: FED STEPPING IN, SVB Emergency Pod, and Resources

Silicon Valley Bank (SVB) Emergency Pod

Andrew Endicott, Gilgamesh Ventures

Andrew Endicott, Gilgamesh Ventures

Eli Wachs, CEO at Footprint

Eli Wachs, CEO at Footprint

Kristen Anderson, CEO at

Kristen Anderson, CEO at Catch

Rishi Khanna, Stocktwits

Rishi Khanna, CEO at Stocktwits

Lee Taylor, OnlyFans

Lee Taylor, OnlyFans

Michael Sindicich, TripActions Liquid

Michael Sindicich, TripActions Liquid